Adam Klimczak   


1957                   born in Lodz

In 1975 - 80         studied in Art Academy in Lodz.


co-founder and manager of the private art space "Wschodnia Gallery",

from 1984 in Lodz.


Selected exhibitions


2004      "Moving Studio", Pyramida - Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel

2004      "Lodz of Photography", FF Gallery, Lodz, Poland

2003      "EN ROUTE", Art for Drivers, Germany, Spain

2002      "Cambio Constante III", Veruela, Spain

2002      "Kugeln", Schloss Pluschow, Germany

2001      "Markers", an Outdoor Banners Event of Artists and Poets for Venice Biennale

2001      "10 years of The Artists¼ Museum", Villa Gallery - Art Center, Tel Aviv, Israel

2000      "From here to there" - Schloss Academy, Stuttgart

1999      "Signed sites" - Contemporary Art Center, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw

1999      "Meitheal II" - Manorhamilton, Ireland

1999      "IV European Art Meeting", Borne Sulinowo, Poland

1998      "The Bridge", Melbourne, Australia

1998      "Oikos", Municipal Museum, Bydgoszcz, Poland

1998      Jozef Robakowski¼s "Exchange Gallery" collection, Museum of Art, Lodz

1997      "Paper Trail", Pierogi 2000 Gallery, New York

1997      "Live Gallery 2", Tower Building Gallery, Lodz

1997      "Live Gallery 1", National Gallery Zacheta, Warsaw

1997      "Another Language", Museum of Modern Art, Haifa, Israel

1997      "The Well", Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok, Poland

1996      Art/Omi Residency, upstate New York

1996      "Shattered Latitudes", Lombard/Fried Fine Arts, New York

1995      "Co-existence", Construction in Process, Negev Desert, Israel

1995      "Unter einem Dach", Podewil, Berlin

1995      "Footprint", Tacheles Gallery, Berlin

1994      "Site-ations", Cardiff, Wales

1994      "Transparent Messenger", Plasy Czech Republic

1993      "InterVIEW 1", The Artists` Museum, Lodz

1992      "Papa Coming So(o)n", Grohman`s Palace, Lodz

1992      "Avant-garde Movement of Lodz", Grohman`s Palace

1991      "The Circles of Wschodnia", Center of Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw

1991      "The Wall for Papa", Labyrinth Gallery, Lublin, Poland

1990      Construction in Process "Back in Lodz", Lodz

1990      "The place in Lodz - Hotel of Art", Poznanski¼s Palace, Lodz